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Determining editing needs

The first step in creating an effective photo editing plan is to create a list of the editing functions you want to use on your images.

The following list describes the most common photo-editing tools and their uses. I provide photos to illustrate the tools and their functions.

* **Adjustment layers:** Adjustment layers are a feature of the Adjustment dialog box that

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These tips will help you edit your images in Photoshop Elements (Elements) to make them even better or make them look better.

You can see the source images on this post

If you are already a pro in Photoshop, visit Pro Photoshop for more tips and tricks.

Elements is a photo editor that contains most of the features and options offered by Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 12. It is capable of editing RAW, JPG, TIFF and other image formats. If you want to resize or crop an image you can use its features to eliminate unwanted areas or adjust the image size.

There is a built-in Image Adjustments panel that allows you to adjust colors, contrast, shadows, highlights, exposure, red, green and blue, brightness, hue and saturation.

In its slide show feature, the program allows you to preview images or share them online. It has a simple navigator that helps you organize your files and export them.

Some of the features not available in Elements can be found in the paid version of Photoshop.

Saving and exporting your images

In Elements, you can save images in several formats: PSD (Photoshop supported), JPEG, TIFF, TIFF (Enhanced), PNG and GIF. In some cases, you must save images in a compressed format, such as JPEG, GIF or PNG.

You can choose the format that you want to export the image to by choosing it from the file type drop-down list. Or, you can select from a list of available types. In most cases, you only have to choose from 2 or 3 options:

A standard export will save your image at standard quality.

Higher quality will help you work with the image in other programs. It will enlarge it and show the image details.

You can reduce quality by reducing the file size. Smaller files are faster and load faster, especially in mobile devices.

Resize images

The biggest challenge you will face when editing a photo in Elements is to resize it. The resizing feature is the same as in Photoshop. You can resize images using scaling or resample method:

Scale — It creates an edited version of the image and sets it as the starting image.

Resample — It creates a new version of the image from scratch.

To resize an image, you need to select the file type. Then select Resize and the size you want to

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Running about:flags in Chromium gives me quite a lot of stuff to toggle, including an item with label “Disable HTML5 Video” (under “Media”). I did this, and now videos will (sometimes) show up in a grey box, but not actually play when I click the play icon.
I have libvdpau1 and libvdpau_h264 installed. I also have dbus and pulseaudio-utils installed, and pulseaudio is running and the volume is up (and it worked fine before I added “Enable HTML5 Video” under “Media”, as well as after I added “Disable HTML5 Video” under “Media” to confirm that all PulseAudio plugins are functioning correctly).
I have also tried removing the HTML5 Video option, but then all videos would just show a grey box instead of actually playing in the new state of the video player window.
What gives? How do I fix my issue? Is my video playing in the grey box because the HTML5 video was blacklisted by something (MediaSession?… I don’t know how that works, but am willing to learn more if I can fix this), or is something else going on?


I have the same issue and it has been a challenge to get it to work consistently on Debian testing/unstable. I tried it on a fresh (thankfully very recent) install of Debian unstable and it worked immediately. On Debian testing I had to retool a lot

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