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Infinity rose, dinosaurs both mounted an attack on the 22nd of July, 2014. Never before have such amazing beings fought for the ultimate purpose. They fought to leave their kind to believe in a higher power.
Planet Earth was no different as the two evolved creatures tore through the land, killing everything in their path.
Faced with such a dire situation, the government of Earth voted that Earth would be abandoned and declared extinction in the form of a nuclear war.
Against all odds, these rampaging beasts took the peaceful Earth, and for that we truly mourn their passing.
The following is the soundtrack to the journey of the dinosaurs and, our last hope to win, mankind.
About Primal Carnage: Extinction Soundtrack:
Both dinosaurs and mankind existed with no fear in a world seemingly at peace. Unfortunately, the connection between man and the still evolving, eating machine prompted a race of extinction.
Voted the worst game of 2014 by IGN, I will say that Primal Carnage: Extinction was, in fact, a masterpiece, because of the great soundtrack. A fusion of classical and electronica, this action-packed soundtrack features dozens of pulse-pounding pieces that you will definitely have the desire to play over and over again.
© 2016, Exactarmovie – Colossal Order Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Stepping into the boots of a former Special Forces operative on a covert reconnaissance mission to Kazakhstan, we follow the trail of a downgraded space station up to the bunker of the craft’s commanding officer. Once there, it’s soon obvious that the brave new world we all dreamt about is far more terrifying than we could have imagined – and he’s been selected to eliminate it.
New game released:
Stratagus is Live:


Thirst VR Features Key:

  • A great big map full of awesome (and weird) things to do! (Free)
  • The most authentic Overlook Trail experience with new and improved puzzles for adults and kids alike. (Downloadable Game)
  • Combine and clash your way to new areas, find out about Overlook Cave and learn to use your telescope. (Downloadable Game)


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“BONUS GAME: Not the regular version of BATTLECORE, this version was made specifically for the singleplayer. The content of this is not affected at all by the multiplayer code”

“It’s a depiction of a simple life in the middle ages. You have no special skills, you just wake up and go to work, enjoy the view, and have a nice day”

This is the brief description of Battlecore: Earn or Die. It’s a singleplayer experience with a multiplayer twist. Battlecore is a game where you can wake up and go to work (farm, for example), and earn coins by way of your interactions in the world with the other players. After you’ve earned enough coins, you can trade them in to upgrade your equipment. You can also bring friends along for the ride and form groups with them.

Players have 8 different characters to choose from, each with their own combat, farming, and unique abilities. There are many different locations to travel to and there are even different types of terrains. You can even unlock more characters after you complete the game!

Here is a small demo of the game

We have spent countless hours on this project. In fact, we spent about 7 months on it. The game was created by just myself, in all areas of programming, from the game and character models, animation, story, etc. The only other company we’ve been able to find that has any ties with this project is Major Design Studios which was the company that helped us with the DLC. We’ve also used the game engine from Little Death Studio.

We would greatly appreciate any sort of support. The best place to start is to watch our YouTube videos that are linked throughout the project and to download the demo. The demo has all of the content and there is no need to purchase the full version for that.

Some of the maps are created by the community, there are over 300 of them. Since this is basically a small project, we’ve made two official maps. The other maps are in the works and will be added as soon as they are complete, some of them already are.

We have decided to create a different version for the singleplayer. We don’t want to have two game releases which are the same game except for the multiplayer. However, we have decided to release


Thirst VR Free Download

“Nebulous” is a fun but sometimes frustrating puzzle game that sees players exerting gravity as they parachute off of a rocket falling through the cosmos towards earth. It’s the brainchild of Chris Emms, a world-renowned developer and, as of yet, his first commercial project. It’s an ingenious concept that follows his previous work, one of the few VR titles here at GDC, Virtual Virtual Reality: An Introduction to Virtual Reality Games. The experience is short, but intense and surprisingly entertaining, thanks to its clever mechanics and lively presentation. While the game was on display at the Games for Windows Live booth, I was lucky enough to have a demo and played through the game’s three levels.
“Nebulous” is a relatively simple yet incredibly fun experience. The game is played by hanging off a rocket that is falling through the void. As the rocket moves through space, gravity will take effect and your character will move through the air. The instructions are very concise and the game is fairly easy to figure out, but it still requires concentration and coordination to pull off the various puzzles and maneuvers that are necessary to get you back home.
At first, it seems like the player is simply grabbing on to the sides of the rocket and having a bit of a frisky time as gravity takes over. That is until you realize that the rocket is speeding towards the earth at a relatively high rate of speed, which means you have less than a second to figure out the required action to be able to make it home. That’s where the challenge comes in, as the gravity not only affects the character’s direction, but also the player’s body, restricting what kind of action can be performed at any given time.
You’re able to experiment with gravity by grabbing on to spikes, but in order to make it back home, you will have to use various other elements, including parachutes, springs, elevators, and levitating rails. Trying to find all of these different elements to then come together in the perfect sequence is where the game actually gets challenging. While finding the various elements is easy enough, it’s when you need to bring them together in the perfect sequence that the player has to think quickly and figure out the best way to move through space. Eventually, you’ll need to find different combinations and arrangements of the various elements in order to figure out how to escape the gravitational pull and make it back to


What’s new:

endTitleName: ‘Remix’


You can use the share intent that can be called from the “Context Menu” on Android.
In the initial state, when the audio is not playing, nothing happens. When the audio is playing, the same code that you used before is called.
The share handler code would be like this:
bool getbIsPlaying = false;
Player player;

void shareHdlr(Media media, View view) {
getbIsPlaying = true;

print(“shareHandler called”);
String str = media.toHtml();
Intent intent = new Intent();
Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, str);
startActivity(Intent.createChooser(intent, “share your audio!!”));


Hope it helps to be have the initial state as what you want.


How to to use a variable to pass through the command line in Bash/AnsiC Shell scripting?

I was trying to pass my path name through the command line and am having trouble doing that. Because I don’t know how to use double quotes so that the $var


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In this VR racing game, you’ll learn to control a long wheeled racing vehicle navigating through neon tracks, that are dimmed out by green lights. You need to control the vehicle by turning the steering wheel left and right, and hitting the lamps in the right spot. The steering wheel is not responsive, at all, but hitting lamps works as expected.
Choose your character and hit the red button to start racing.
Key Features:
• 2 cars to choose from:
– Jet car: it’s a really fast and sporty car, with a very low weight. Good for fast corners. Not really for slalom tracks.
– Heavy car: instead, it’s good for cruising slow and steady courses.
• 6 race modes:
– Slalom
– Race
– Time Trial
– Challenge
– Autosport
– ArcadeThe present invention relates generally to the art of electrochemical devices, and more particularly to a thin film composite of an electrochemical cell, a gas diffusion electrode and a current collector.
Redox flow batteries have a number of unique characteristics which distinguish them from other electrochemical devices. For example, redox flow batteries are single-unit electrochemical devices, i.e., they include an electrochemical cell of a relatively small size that is flooded with a suitable electrolyte. With a properly designed cell, the battery can be charged and discharged without significant waste of electrolyte or a significant reduction in the useful life of the electrodes. In addition, the electrochemical cell is not connected to any load, making the cell easier to package, assemble, and maintain. The individual components of the electrochemical cell are sealed within a housing, which is generally referred to as a membrane-electrode-assembly (MEA), or are disposed on a substrate which is also sealed within a housing.
An important aspect of the operation of redox flow batteries is the electrochemical reaction which is used to recharge the cell. Redox couples used in a cell are selected to provide, upon charge, the highest energy capacity possible while maintaining charge balance. During discharge, the electrochemical reaction which occurs in the cell results in the oxidation of the active materials on the cathodes to give rise to the stored electrical energy. During recharge, the electrochemical reaction reverses, and electrons flow from the anodes to the cathodes through an external circuit. The electrochemical reactions occurring in a cell can be summarized as follows:Anode: Anode active material


How To Crack Thirst VR:

  • Burn or mount the.iso file and run Setup.exe
    When the Setup wizard starts, click the ‘Next’ button
  • Select the language you wish to install SULVER’S JOURNEY to and click ‘Next’
  • Accept the EULA and give the game a name and click ‘Next’
  • Click ‘Install’ to start the game installation
  • On the main menu, go to the ‘Windows’ sub-menu and open the ‘C:\Program Files\Multiplayer Games\SULVER’S JOURNEY’ folder and accept the EULA again. Now you’ll have two directories, Local for the base game and Mod for add-ons. You should have the main game installed on your computer
  • To run the SULVER’S JOURNEY Game, go to the ‘Mod’ sub-menu and open the ‘Crack’ folder

    • To launch the game for the first time, go to the ‘Options’ sub-menu and open the ‘Manage’ folder.
    • Click ‘Open Map Folder’, select your DAT and launch SULVER’S JOURNEY
    • Go back to the Map Folder and click on ‘Settup Application for the Map’; select Warcraft3OverwatchMenu.dll and select ‘None’/’Run’, then select ‘OverwatchMenu.dll’ and select ‘No’



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