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An upcoming fantasy action RPG from Kinoko Nasu, creator of Fate/stay night, with a new mythology that combines the elements of many different cultures. An epic drama filled with magical moments that continue even after the game’s ending.

※ About Savoir-Faire

A “Savoir-Faire” style game system where statistics are appropriately increased or decreased, based on your character’s actions.

* Core elements

Character creation

Class system

Dialog system

Combat system

Magic system

Character progression


Character design



Kinoko Nasu founded Elden Ring in 2013. Consisting of staff with experience in creating games, Elden Ring makes games that are deeply connected to Japanese mythology, aiming to create a world with rich flavor.

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About Core Elements

※ Character Creation

Make a character with a combination of two basic classes, called “Guardian” and “Sorcerer”, and 16 other classes based on their job, all in a variety of appearance.

After creation, you can fully customize each of their lines.

* Character Design

You can express the look and feel of your character with the combination of a “Guardian” or “Sorcerer” and 16 other classes. The variety of their design is limitless.

In addition, by combining your “Sorcerer” and 16 other classes with 12 different skills, create your own story.

(The skilled assassins in the game are said to have learned more than any other class.)

* Character Abilities

Unlocked for the selected character when they gain experience.

By equipping weapons and armor, increase the level of each ability.

You can determine which abilities will be unlocked at which level.

* Character progression

Equipped skills such as abilities become stronger, and skills that were previously locked become unlocked, as your character levels up.

By selecting weapon skills that are appropriate for your class, create powerful, highly satisfying battles with another character.

* Characters

Each character has their own story and depth.

While they are fighting, pursue their own ideals.



Features Key:

    This is the first fantasy RPG which introduces a large number of new characters as well as a deeper and more magical fantasy world.
    A simple touch of the screen, direct the chaotic and explosive magic battles of a new breed of new roleplayers in a truly unprecedented way. Incorporate the touch panel into your gaming experience when experiencing a totally different type of action RPG.
    Generate a new character by class, decide freely with the Commander ‘Doctor’ system and the improved Commander system.
    The classes of the new fantasy RPG will be greatly expanded and will allow players to freely choose their basic course of action.
    Examine items obtained in your adventures or obtained in battle to upgrade to a higher level. Use these to purchase and acquire a variety of items and bonuses that enable more powerful equipment.
    Ensure difficulty to meet the expectations of even the most skillful RPG players with new world adventure settings.
    New classes and world adventures are procedurally generated. Discover countless other fantasy worlds by extending the methods of the Commander system.
    10 classes of sorcerer, warrior, alchemist, paladin, robo, mage, and robo-paladin.
    Engage with a wonderful fantasy world and expand your play experiences with this fantasy RPG.
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    Item description

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to


    Elden Ring Download [Mac/Win] [2022-Latest]


    Wish List (android and iPad)

    [Wish list No.1]

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    – Want to know how to train your horse and become a Lord, like using weapons, spells and equipping items? This is a list of items that I need in order to develop my character.

    – For people who are considering the purchase of this game, I would like to give you a recommendation: Don’t buy it. Wait for the price to decline. Although I am a fan of the game, you should consider buying it only if you have complete and full confidence in the developer (Eidos Montreal). Because if you are buying it, don’t hesitate to make an error. This is a matter of your entire character. While it’s rare to have an error on your character like buying a second-hand car, it’s also important.

    – I purchased the PS3 version (PlayStation Store). The Xbox 360 version is not included in the version I purchased and I am not sure if I will purchase it. However, I have heard from somebody else that it is better to buy the PS3 version.

    – After I purchased it, I noticed that the game was released in the U.S., but it was not in Japan. I do not know why this is. It’s not like they are having a shortage of PS3s in Japan, and it’s not like Japanese people are not interested in Western games. I would be curious to know why they did this, and I will inform you later.

    – Be sure to buy it at the lowest price. The game is popular in Europe and in U.S. In this case, it seems like you have to buy it at a slightly higher price to get it in Japan. That is how life goes.

    – The game is supposed to be played for 10 hours, but I am aiming for 30 hours. And I’m not sure if I can even do it. I don’t know how many hours it is to defeat the game. It is an unknown information.

    – At one point, I thought it was about 10 hours for the game to be finished. However, after playing again, it took 30 hours. There are areas where you can’t tell what kind of combination will have a good or bad effect


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    : :

    For a country that is both small and vast, and has the ambition to become a great nation… I made this.









    © SEGA. ©SEGA All Rights Reserved.

    Produced by Yuzuki Kawano. KAISEKUS


    What’s new:

    Join other people around the world, participate in the epic fantasy adventure with others, and feel the thrill of being an ELDR.
    We hope you enjoy participating in the Elezen Lord Online: Rise of the Fallen as much as we do.

    Welcome to the free-to-play world of ELDR Rise of the Fallen!


    ELDR Rise of the Fallen on Steam

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    1. This game contains DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection.

    2. By purchasing this software, you are permitted to use the above game, but only in accordance with the following instructions:

    2.1. You may use this software to play the above game when connected to the Internet.
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    Elden Ring Overview:

    Fantasy Action RPG, 2017.KEEP IT N KICK AND MESS.Draping across a future fantasy world that has fallen into darkness, the “Lands Between” looms
    An action RPG based on the imagination and careful thinking of Simogo.
    The battle system will change the way you think of RPGs.
    Equip body parts and weapons, and utilize arcane powers and natural magic in battle.
    An expression of Arthur’s vision for RPG games and a system that changes the way you think about RPGs, build a protagonist, and play.
    An action RPG where you can use the power of arcane and mysticism like never


    System Requirements:

    Before you begin, you must download and install the game’s client.
    Downloading the game’s client
    Installing the game’s client
    We have a small selection of languages available for the game’s client. Please be sure to check your preferred language before downloading. Please note that your device’s screen resolution will affect your ability to see the game properly. For best performance, we recommend 1024×768 or higher.
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