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Warcraft 3’s Civ, released 11 years ago, was a critical success.
In it’s time, it broke modern Civilization games, putting the player in a position of power, and allowed them to manage an entire society for hundreds of years.
Following that success, folks decided they wanted more. Wars have always been available in our games and were a staple of the real world. Recently the idea of free-to-play has taken off, and is common with big franchises like League of Legends and Maplestory. And there’s no reason not to create a free-to-play Civilization game, as long as it plays out like a Civ game.
So here we are.
I present to you, Minds of Nations.
An edition of the series that intends to create a free-to-play, fantasy themed Civilization game.
Here’s the vid:


About the game:
I didn’t try out this game yet, but I highly recommend to read the review in the game’s German homepage, because it’s the only one, that reviews this game and not only praises it, but gives very good background information.
You can read it here:

Pros and cons:
– The game is very clean and easy to understand. It lacks a lot of complexity and as long as you’re happy with your decisions and don’t go bankrupt, you can gain a lot of experience.
– The selection of leaders, followed by corrupt leaders, is already happening in real world, so why shouldn’t it happen in games? And games are about entertainment, so you should choose a leader until you die or become an elder and then have someone to choose your successor?
– In the game you can only go through a few scenes from your life that won’t include very much details. Sure, you don’t have to go back to your mother’s womb, but the early parts of your life are very similar, in any case you should check out your hometown or your school – you will encounter well developed, people that don’t actually matter.
– I haven’t played the game yet, but I would like to point out a major weakness of this game: No war.


Minds Of Nations Features Key:

  • Turn-based strategic RTS
  • Unlimited number of units
  • Unique unit upgrades
  • Territorial Wars
  • Huge number of historically accurate civilizations
  • Random map generation
  • Hero units
  • Tons of great stuffs in already released patches


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You’ll be able to play as one of the leaders of 3 or more civilizations, rising, falling and rebounding from the ashes.
Based on the reality of the human condition and our constant struggle to evolve.
Nations are in a constant battle with one another. So it is their ideas and the challenges that humanity faces that drive their histories.
We try to make a game that goes as deep as the real world.
We hope you’ll enjoy it.

See you soon.


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– 1) Contract wars with other nations, using “just cause” – their interior propaganda, the external distractions they have between wars
– 2) Withhold resources and withhold autonomy of your people
– 3) Nation’s spiritual work is inhibited by conflicts. Compare this to the effect of scarcity and the effects of population. See “Poverty in the State”
– 4) Stable the population with focus on scientific methods – free of regressive forces that creates the base of future progress and ideas
– 5) Profit from war – income is gained based on warfare & aggression
– 6) Allow AI incarnations to be included, manifesting more ideas in the society
– 7) Change the economic model to adapt to more free market ideas, and a free market of ideas
– 8) Combat unjust laws, such as when tariffs are passed that are bad for everyone; when national monopolies are formed that keep prices high, restrict supply and benefit certain people.
– 9) Promote peaceful trade – when monopolies are restricted or healthy competition is given the chance to exist, everyone benefits.
– 10) Include the idea of karma, that the state needs its souls to grow and succeed in order to evolve
– 11) Allow for instant reincarnation of the ruler – preventing bad rulers from ever being born into ruling families and instead having artificial intelligences helping to govern. They’ll be more rational and productive too
– 12) Put a limit on the number of souls reincarnating into ruling families, to limit power
– 13) Don’t have a microtransaction model, but instead a price and limited resource model
– 14) Add features that protect citizens from the consequences of becoming anti-social
…And, while we’re at it, I would like to share a few of my personal rules that I have applied in my own actions:
1) Never wake the sleepers – the asleep should never be awakened and no one should be told
2) Don’t provoke yourself or your environment with jingoism or by bad deeds
3) Never tell lies
4) Never lie about the truth
5) Agree with the weak and hurt the strong
6) I am the creator of this life and it is my duty to serve all living beings, without discrimination.
7) Plan your actions and seek opportunity in times of peace. If you need peace, seek it. But do not plan your actions and lack of actions against the opponent unless you’re fighting for one of the highest purposes.


What’s new in Minds Of Nations:

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  • How to Install & Play Minds of Nations:

    How to Install & Play Minds of Nations:

    Read also How to Play Minds of Nations For Free and How to Download Minds of Nations For Free.

    How to Install & Play Minds of Nations:

    How to Install & Play Minds of Nations:

    How to Install & Play Minds of Nations:

    How to Install & Play Minds of Nations:

    How to Play Minds of Nations Full Version.

    System Requirements For Minds Of Nations:

    Windows XP and later versions
    This game is also available on Mac OS X and Linux (if your system allows and you meet the minimum requirement of this page)
    This game is also available on Mac OS X and Linux (if your system allows and you meet the minimum requirement of this page) If you have any other operating system, please refer to the system requirements of the site where you purchased it.
    Minimum Requirements:
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit / 64


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