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The 2015–16 Oberliga was the 15th season of the Oberliga, the second tier football league in Germany. The season began on 24 July 2015 and finished on 24 May 2016.

Changes from 2014–15 season

Team changes

Achthausen are taking part in their fifth season in the league, having won promotion from the Regionalliga Nord in 2014.

Hessen Kassel
Hessen Kassel, the division champions of the 2015–16 Regionalliga, were not promoted to the 3. Liga after they were excluded from the Regionalliga Nord for financial reasons, but replaced by Eintracht Nordhorn. As they are the division champions in both the Regionalliga Nord and Oberliga Hessen, they were allowed to keep their current spot in the league.

Landesliga Bayern-Süd
The Landesliga Bayern-Süd (IV) champions, 1860 Munich II, were not promoted to the Regionalliga Bayern as they already play in the Regionalliga Bayern. Their spot was given to the runner-up, Kaiserslautern.

No clubs from the league are allowed to apply for the Regionalliga because they have been affiliated with a second tier side in the previous season.

Fortuna Fulda
Fortuna Fulda won the championship in the 2014–15 Regionalliga Süd and was not promoted.

Regionalliga promotion and relegation

Regionalliga Nord

Regionalliga West/Südwest
The champions of the 2014–15 Regionalliga West and the Regionalliga Südwest will be promoted to the Regionalliga in 2016–17.

Regionalliga Nordost

Regionalliga West

Regionalliga South

Regionalliga Bayern


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Troy Bauer, a four-time state qualifier, led the Hancock County boys team to a 32-0 victory at the Wab

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