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Licencja Automapa Android Cracked 34 __TOP__ ☘️

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Licencja Automapa Android Cracked 34

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Select rows where column is greater than sum of another column

My table is something like this:
| Activity | Balance |
| Phoned | 50.00 |
| Ordered | 10.00 |
| Arrived | 70.00 |

I want to select all rows where the balance of the row is greater than the sum of all previous balances.
Note that the sum could be over any number of rows
So in this example, I’d get only the row where Arrived was ordered


A window function can be used. This will work on version 7.3 and newer.
with t1 as (
select 1 id, ‘Phoned’ activity, 50 balance from dual union all
select 1, ‘Ordered’, 10 from dual union all
select 1, ‘Arrived’, 70 from dual
t2 as (
select t.*, sum(t.balance) over (order by sum_balance
from t1 t
select t2.*
from t2
where t2.sum_balance > t2.balance

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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