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What is the origin of “put your foot in your mouth”?

I have been told that the phrase “put your foot in your mouth” is a slang phrase used to describe someone who has done the same thing before and got into trouble for it, but I never thought that that’s what it meant.
I’ve Googled for it and found its origin is from 18th century and is derived from a slang phrase in the 1300s that meant the same thing, but nothing specific.
Is this the origin?


Google Ngram Viewer shows that foot in mouth is an early instance of what probably developed into the more common phrase foot-in-the-mouth (at least, that is the earliest instance that I found).

Foot-in-mouth and foot in the mouth were both recorded in English from 1675, with the former first entering the Oxford English Dictionary in 1885 and the latter entering in 1891.

The earliest instance of foot in mouth in the OED is from 1880.
The only instance that they found of foot-in-mouth first appearing in print in the mid-1800s is from a review of an 1834 novel by E.P. Phillips.


Your friend is correct in his analysis. Foot-in-mouth (also calf-in-mouth, mule-in-mouth, ass

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