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FIFA 22 uses this data to give players an unparalleled sense of realism and immersion. In addition to creating the feeling of being in the actual match, the HyperMotion Technology also lets players experience a variety of new gameplay features, like “Intelligent Free Kicks,” “Fast Attacks” and “Direct Shot,” along with more advanced Player Positional Management.

“The FIFA development team has incredible experience in creating the most realistic and immersive football games on the market, so when they brought me the project, they didn’t need to tell me much,” said Sebastian Elfter, Managing Director of ESL One – CS:GO. “The amazing realism of the game, the ability to reach out to our fans and give them a more personalized experience, and the rich pool of players and events, were all factors that made this project the perfect match for us.”

FIFA 22 will be available to download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $49.99 USD / $59.99 CAD / £29.99 GBP on May 29th in North America, May 30th in Europe and May 31st in the UK.

Product features:

– FIFA 22 is the first FIFA game to include a TrueFeel engine, which uses a new generation of physics technology to give players the precision of a real soccer match, using the precision of the player and ball models as well as a unique physics system.

– New, more realistic Player Positional Management: Players are able to make more intelligent decisions based on their position, height and style, providing unrivaled tactical depth.

– New AI: The new Player A.I. system dynamically analyses the movements of the 23 human players and 12 NPCs throughout the entire field of play and adapts the AI behavior to players and their tactics

– HyperMotion Technology: A new generation of motion capture technology from EA SPORTS brings players an unprecedented level of immersion and realism as the physics engine is based on real-world player movements collected during a real match.

– New skill-based 2v2 multiplayer mode: up to four players can join and play together in an authentic atmosphere, often in extreme situations, such as in close-and-fast play.

In addition to a number of improvements to the Professional Game Modes, including the Development Mode, improvements have been made to the User Experience including the HUD and the scorecard.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams with an immersive career mode. Create the perfect club team with your favorite players, badges, and kits. Use the all-new squad build system to bring your squad to life with unique abilities and traits. Manage your club, give players feedback, and celebrate your successes. Create your own legends and look back at your greatest memories in the new yearbook.
  • Lose yourself in FIFA Ultimate Team – Score the goals, hold the ball up, and dominate the midfield in all-new full-body gameplay. Dominate matches with your favorite players, their traits, and their badges in a giant global football community.
  • Prove yourself on the pitch. Transform into the best when you use all-new drills for individual players, and a brand new player condition system, which gives you feedback as you play. Score more goals with Pro Shots, and influence the ball with 360° control, as you test your mettle in the new Pro Skills enhancements.
  • Use football’s natural motion to enjoy all-new facial animations, enhanced ballistic and collision animations, along with behaviors that enhance your impact, speed, power, and technique. Put yourself in the center of the action with a new, all-encompassing offensive engine that builds the intensity of play until the very end of the match. See the different balls collide with the players in 5.0 including the physicality of the player as you need to make punishing tackles and head on tackles.
  • An all-new Brazilian World Cup set the stage for the upcoming summer classic FIFA 20 celebrates the 100-year anniversary of Copa America and 30-year anniversary of the World Cup by bringing the fun, intensity, and drama of the tournament to the world’s favorite game. Play as the five South American teams, including the host nation of Peru, in a wide variety of new venues, such as the FIFA Ballon d’Or tent and the FIFA End of Season Awards ceremony. Also included in the game is the new introduction of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, which features 16 clubs from around the country in four Divisions; Serie A, B1, B2 and C.


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FIFA is a series of popular videogames focused on the most popular sport in the world. The franchise has been selling millions of units since its inception in 1991.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FUT is the most complex and in-depth team management game in the world. Starting in 2010, FUT will introduce a brand new gameplay experience that will offer the fun of building and managing your own fantasy soccer team and competing against your friends online as well as live in offline tournaments.

How do I register my league?

Select the league you wish to register under the REGISTER NOW menu at the top of the front page.

How do I sign up for an Ultimate Team League?

Within each Ultimate Team League, the coaches of your team can only play in the leagues created by other coaches.

How can I participate in Live Events?

Teams in Live Events can be created in a separate league from your Ultimate Team league if you so desire.

When do you start the Live Event?

The Live Event begins on the day you create the team.

How do I see my standings?

You can view your standings by selecting VIEW LEAGUE from your LIVE EVENTS tab.

How do I edit a FUT team?

From within your league, select the LIVE EVENTS tab, then select EDIT LEAGUE.

How do I create a new Ultimate Team league?

Select the LIVE EVENTS tab, then select CREATE NEW LEAGUE.

I did everything I was supposed to and still have no teams.

You must have a player logged in for the league to be created. The league will be created in the default league of that club.

If you would like to create the league in a different league, you must have an additional two clubs in that league and the season must not be in progress.

If you are unable to create the league at the time of your request, your request will be placed on hold and the league will be created at a later date as soon as we can free up the required number of clubs for your request.

What is my squad size?

You must have an active squad before you can register the team.

What if I have a team that no one else wants in a league?

You can still save the league. The league will


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The Ultimate Team mode lets you build a team from over 35,000 players, through the creation of key players, purchasing packs of players, and trading with other players and clubs. Over 10 years the game will generate over 20,000 players who have played in the game, including free transfers, and they will all be available in the Pro Clubs.

Other modes include:

Online Friendlies – Brings friends together to play head-to-head online FIFA tournaments with customisable rules and an unlimited number of players.

Club Chef – Feed your players with the right meals, drinks, and vitamins to help them enhance their performance. Your food even has a weather effect on your players’ attributes.

Ballpark – It’s also much fun on the field! Perfect your passing by playing a game of Baseball or kick the ball around with your friends and fans.

Play the FIFA 22 game at EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 –
Into the EA SPORTS FIFA mobile game fans? The FIFA game is part of the EA SPORTS™ FIFA franchise. As well as being the centrepiece of FIFA 21 gameplay, the FIFA 22 game features some of the game play first seen in the FIFA 21 game. If you’re a fan of FIFA soccer this year, look for this game!

FIFA 22 game features:

Player Attributes – Experience the new controls in FIFA 22, with new Player Attributes for all your Pro’s. Whether you’re a defender or striker, you will find a specific blueprint to help you fulfil your perfect play.

Dynamic Player Behaviour – Learn how the new way of controlling the ball, Dynamic Player Behaviour, will redefine the gameplay in your FIFA 22 match. Be prepared to defend and attack, as the game changes automatically at all times on the pitch to simulate the real world.

Goalkeeper – The new goalkeeper will be the most important addition to your team. Experience a more realistic goalkeeper simulation with new animations, new Passes, and new shots. Because FIFA 21 makes such a difference between a save and a defeat, a new save system has been added to the FIFA 22 game. As the ball rolls towards the goal, the goalkeeper will make a smooth save at the last moment to really give you that feeling of seeing the ball go in to the back of the net.

Crowds – Experience the new energy in the stadium with new crowds reacting to your play. The crowd will scream when you score, and


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