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“The dawn will come to us and we will be taken. We will gain the power to fight against the dark king and his darkness.”
When the power of darkness spreads far and wide, the Land of Elden rises up to fight. A brave adventurer sets off on a dangerous journey toward the golden city. This tale of the Land of Elden is a myth that stands the test of time. Tarnished still believes in this myth, and finds in the legendary Land Between Two a chance to create a new world.

Through more than 300 items, you can freely develop your character according to your play style. You can increase your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or reach the other side of magic and even rule the entire world through powerful magic.

You can freely wander in a vast world full of exciting situations and huge dungeons. You can enjoy a sense of journey or gather in a place to challenge others, while taking part in the struggle of the Land of Elden.

Through more than 150 spells and the support of two magic ingredients (Grace and Blood), you can master each ability of the Land of Elden, and develop into a mysterious character.

Explore the world of the Land of Elden with the map on the screen!

Whether you are in one spot or on the way to another, you can build your own paths to meet your own challenges.

Visit others’ rooms or meet them in free-roam zones. Strengthen the bonds with other adventurers and the Land of Elden!

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 Become a character who fights with the strength of the Land of Elden!
· Story

· Create an adventure-worthy character

· Background on magic


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • – Customize your Character – A Great Game A Great Add-on!
    A huge world, including various maps, areas and difficulty levels, where you can freely customize and develop your character.
    • A Unique Online Story – Loosely Connects You to Others
    In addition to the party game, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.
    • Hand-drawn Graphics – Beautiful World, The Game of Our Worlds
    Hand-drawn graphics with high resolution for each element, and vivid expressions are the source of the unique atmosphere, and the game’s fantasy world is brought to life.
    • A Leader – Tarnished Kitsune
    Gaius, the leader of the Tarnished, guides you by grace to become an Elden Lord. Our leader will have your back and show you the way in battle.
  • Behind the scenes:

    The shadows of other countries

    The story of Tarnished, and the circumstances leading to its creation, certainly have the makings of a movie. Accordingly, the game content itself is partly sourced from a manga, and the sources, such as special dialogue, character VAs, etc., include “translations” from Japanese manga such as “Gundam Thunderbolt”, and “Fragmentary Passage from Giant Planet”.

    Translations from the Manga?

    The “translations” from Japanese manga? That’s right.
    Firstly, a little explanation for this.

    So you see, the story of Tarnished is half Japanese anime anime. Also, on top of all these, the age-genial “cross-play” between Japanese and Western is being made.
    Actually, with the considerable service done to the game, the character VAs, In-game illustrations, In-game explanation, In-game dramas, game data and other sources are all links to Japanese content, so that part of the game can be enjoyed in English. However, since the job itself is Tarnished in the West, the Japanese Content has been compiled into English, and the translations are very rough, or, to be slightly technical, it’s not 100% “original.”
    So, it can be assumed that you can be aware that


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    * Graphics (Screening) *

    The game screen looks pretty good.


    – The Latest Fantasy Action RPG


    – An Epic Drama Born from a Myth

    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

    – Support for Players in a Multiperson Online Game

    You can directly connect with others through the game. As a result, you can feel the presence of others, and you can participate in shared parties.

    – Stylish Graphics

    An action RPG with the latest graphics and an impressive visual effect.

    – Customization options

    One can freely customize the appearance of the character.

    – A Spectacular Musical Score

    An epic soundtrack full of drama and joy.

    * Downloading & Play Information *

    – Requires Android OS 4.0.3 or later versions.

    – Links to the download will be provided through the download manager on the Google Play store after purchase.

    – Terms of use:

    – Privacy policy:

    – Regional restrictions:

    – Terms of use for EU (European Union) customers:

    – License agreement:

    – If you do not agree to any of these terms, you will not be able to play the game.

    [New Fantasy Action RPG Review]

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    (The game is fun)

    – Features (Gameplay) *

    – The Latest Fantasy Action RPG


    – An Epic Drama Born from a Myth

    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

    – Expandable Experience (Awakening) *


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    ◆ The Beginnings of the Story
    Three people are born into the world, who recognize themselves through the same power. This power, however, is different from the power of the Elden Rings that Elder Ardon has been fighting for. You are the same Ardon as before, but the ring of the Eidolon hangs around your neck.
    ◆ Society in the World in Expansion
    The era of the expansion goes back to the first days of the world. The people of the Lands Between seek the truth and peace, the red blood, the power that Ardon never owned, and the seventh form of the Elden Ring is born with the power of the card power. The world of the Elden Ring has been destroyed by the forces of evil and now only Ardon is born.
    ◆ Ardon’s Rise from Entitlement to Revenge
    Ardon is born in a world where he thinks that he alone is the only person with the power of the Elden Ring. He thinks that he is the only one who can save the world.
    ◆ In the World of Conflict Ardon’s Wrath
    Ardon’s anger when he realizes that the Eidolon desires to extinguish is because he believes that he is the only one who can save the world. He destroys the card power that the Eidolon carries.

    INVITATION NOTICE: An error occurred when recording the list of eligible character candidates and the qualifications of those candidates. The list of eligible character candidates that was recorded has been corrected. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

    Thank you!

    We apologize for any inconveniences, and we will make sure to ensure the correct enjoyment of the campaign.

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    What’s new:

  • Generously created by Fredi Camel[by Fredi Camel on Tumblr]

    Generously created by Fredi Camel on Tumblr

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    * CHANGES: A revised version of this post was used for the “Twelve GIFs That Profoundly Communicate A Tiny Town’s No Ransom, Just Taking House A Thief’s Been Haven’t Took” post on Core77 from September 2019.

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    The following license information is provided by the software author:

    “The software licensed under this agreement is copyrighted (C) by the abovementioned.”

    New Fantasy Action RPG : Rise Tarnished :
    RPG: System specification

    1. Creating a character
    [Flawless introductory.]

    1. Character Creation
    1.1. Attribute
    1.2. Character Attribute
    2. Appearance Customization
    2.1. Character Face Customization
    2.2. Customization of hairstyle, hair color, and hair color
    2.3. Customization of facial tattoo
    2.4. Customization of appearance (clothes, hat, accessories)
    2.5. Customization of eyebrow and eye colors
    2.6. Customization of height and weight
    2.7. Changing the character’s voice
    2.8. Customization of the gender
    2.9. Change the appearance of the character
    2.10. Change the facial expressions of the character
    2.11. Change the movement of the character
    3. Additional Verification Information
    3.1. Character Name
    3.2. Character Family
    3.3. Free Port
    3.4. Adjusting the personal investment
    3.5. Verifying the importance of the personal investment
    3.6. Verifying the data of the character
    3.7. Verifying the data of the character’s attributes
    3.8. Creating a family
    3.9. Verifying the genre of the character’s main weapon
    3.10. Creating a familiy
    3.11. Verifying the character’s name
    4. Story and Town
    [Story:] 4.1. Creating the history of the character
    4.2. Creating the story
    4.3. Creating a family background


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    NOTE: This game requires a WDDm to play, so I highly recommend getting this, it will work great with either the 1080 or 720p with medium quality settings.
    Turns out that my printer just can’t handle printing these for some reason, so I will be selling prints for $5 if you’d like to get one, I would love to get more prints to sell but it is my goal to have as many prints as possible for this project!
    After the Kickstarter campaign is over, I plan


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