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Open Terminal and run the following command:
Expo install expo-cli –no-progress
Make sure that the package is installed in your application directory, or your project directory (if you use create-react-app).
Expo start should now return “Installed successfully.”

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* An open source app
* Create public or private rooms
* Configure the space to allow users to post and answer topic-related questions
* Easy to install and use

Tools used:
I want to be a part of the DogeHouse community:
Like what you saw?
I would be interested in being part of the DogeHouse community. Do you need help with any part of this project?
I would be very willing to help out with this DogeHouse application (using my technical expertise to make it better). If you want to contact me or talk about collaboration, please add me on Twitter!
I have some ideas for future changes I’d like to make to the DogeHouse application (using my technical expertise).
Do you want to beta test DogeHouse?
If you want to help out with beta testing and test the application before it is released, please add me on GitHub!
How can I help?
As an application developer, it is recommended to know some basic JavaScript/Node.js and Git commands to get things done. DogeHouse is also open source, you may want to read about the Electron platform as well as Git/GitHub commands. If you have any questions/comments/ideas for improvement, please leave it here and let the community know!

On January 16th, 2018, we traveled the world to places like
Rishikesh, Ireland, and The Netherlands, and had the chance to take
20 pictures a day for one year.

We asked people on the street to stop and take a picture with a camera
on their smartphone.

After a year of people taking pictures with their smartphones, we have
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You can download the images and enjoy them for yourself.

To use the images:

* First, extract the images from the zip folder. (Just drag&drop into your favorite file explorer!)
* In the folder, search for the

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DogeHouse Description.
The announcement for the up and coming release of the DogeHouse application!
Get in on the love and excitement for this upcoming chat application! A brand new chat room with a seriously in-depth and awesome functionality.
DogeHouse Features:
DogeHouse Features.
DogeHouse Features.
Get in on the love and excitement for this upcoming chat application! A brand new chat room with a seriously in-depth and awesome functionality.
Also, keep in mind, DogeHouse is an open-source chat room, meaning you can easily contribute to its development, and for every new feature you want to add, you can talk to the lead developer and suggest it.
Here’s some of the features available with DogeHouse:
· Create a room of your own.
· Chat with the people who have the same love for technology as you do.
· Get connected with the people you know.
· DogeHouse is open source, so you can easily contribute to the development, and join the community.
· Get started with this brand new chat room with a seriously in-depth and awesome functionality.
Big thanks to Amiad Stewart and RebelHF for helping me and making this launch successful!
Please like our Facebook page:

Official Discord –

Consistency of generalized representations with duality and structure of modules

Let $V$ be a finitely generated vector space over a field $k$, and let $P$ be a finite dimensional representation of a group $G$.
Assume that $P^*$ exists as a left $G$-space with the property that for any $V$-module $M$ we have a natural isomorphism:
$$Hom_G(P,M) \cong Hom_{G^*}(P^*,M^*).$$
Does it follow that any left or right $G$-module $M$ is finitely generated as a $k$-vector space?
In fact, is it possible to weaken these assumptions to a finitely generated space over $k$ and $P$ finitely generated as a left or right $k$-module?


The answer is no.
Example: Let $G = {\mathbb{

What’s New In DogeHouse?

Based on Electron technologies, DogeHouse offers a fast and easy way to share your current activities with your colleagues, business partners, and friends on GitHub and Twitter.
Other links:
Visit the project’s official page at GitHub:

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System Requirements For DogeHouse:

• This achievement was announced, however we have not received confirmation that it has been implemented.
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• Achievements were only added to the Xbox One version of the game.
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