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How to save a complex query in SQL server

I have an application which need to query a complex SQL which is;
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TOP 1 date_time
date_time > dateadd(day, -31, getdate())
) AS dte
ownoe_newrun_reporter ol2
ownoe_newrun_reporter ol1 ON
ol2.external_id = ol1.external_id
ol1.status = ‘Order’
AND ((
ol1.date_time >
ol1.date_time =

The power of the human eye is one of the great mysteries of life. It is no secret that eye contact is a powerful tool. (Do we still need it?) How much do people really understand about eye contact? How can one use it to benefit the selling of a product? Can we really learn something from the eyes of a person?
The Power of Eye Contact. Do the eyes of people have any message? Can they bring about more positive response to a situation? Can people actually learn something from the eyes of the other person? Does any particular kind of eye contact or power of eye contact come from a person? This article will explore all these questions.
First, what is eye contact? Basically, it is the act of looking into someone’s eyes. It does not have to be a long stare at a person. It is just that you look into the eyes of the person.
The psychologist, Dr. F. Kurt Lewin, has observed the eyes of people in several ways. This is why he was able to say that the eyes of people are like the windows of people’s personalities. The eyes are the windows of our brains. They are windows to the ways we think, feel and react to a situation. They are windows to how we view a person.
They are windows to the way we see and experience a situation. Dr. Lewin has written about how the eyes provide a window to the mind. He says, “A man’s eyes when he looks at you will tell you the amount of his social interest, and of his intention to do you good or harm, as well as how much he really likes you.” Lewin says the eyes of a person are more revealing than what he says.
Another way the human eye is described is as the center of the brain. The eyes do not receive all that information. It is the brain that does. The eyes are the information conduit for the central nervous system.
The eyes provide another piece of information that the psychologist studied. He said the eyes of a person let one know what the person is thinking. It is more than what is said. It is the way the eyes move. They give the person’s feelings away in the way they look. How can this information be used?
This has to do with the fact that the eyes of a person let us know what kind of thoughts are being held in the brain. In this, the eyes can tell us more

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